Whipped Eggs on Toast is an Australian recipe, and coupled with a seasonal Spinach Salad makes for a simple and nutritious breakfast or brunch for company.

Whipped Eggs on Toast per Serving:

1 egg

1 thick slice of bread or bun half

2-3 tsp of honey mustard

1/2 tbsp of chopped chives

Preheat your oven to 350ºF and prep a baking sheet with paper. Separate your eggs, yolk from white, taking care to keep the yolk intact. Beat egg whites until they stand up*. Spoon whites onto the centre of your bread, making a fluffy dollop. Hollow a place on the top of each egg white for the yolk.

*Note: If your egg whites are not firm enough, the yolk will fall off the side.

Bake for 5 minutes

Spoon dressing over yolks

Bake for 5-10 minutes until yolk set as desired, and whites a golden brown colour. Take care to remove from oven before bread is completely dry.

Spoon chives on top and serve.

Spinach Salad, 4 servings:

1 head of spinach

1/2 a small red cabbage

1 medium white onion

1 cup dried peaches, sliced

3-4 tbsp sunflower seeds

Toss washed, torn spinach with sliced cabbage, sliced onion, and sliced peaches in oil and vinegar dressing. Sprinkle with sunflower seeds and serve.


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