Market Rules & Regulations

  1. The purpose of the Kamloops Regional Farmers’? Market Society (KRFMS) is, to encourage, support and provide an outlet for local produce.
    1. Vendors must grow, raise, harvest, bake or make 100% of
      the products that they sell.
    2. Farm or food products grown or produced in an area
      outside the Market boundaries will be allowed only if
      there is an INSUFFICIENT local supply within the
      Society boundaries. Only BC products may be sold at the
      KRFMS’ boundaries are as follows:

      • From Clearwater to the intersection of Notch Hill Road and Highway 1 in Sorrento
      • The boundary then goes south to the western edge of Falkland’s limit on Highway 97
      • Then from Falkland to the Merritt town sign on Highway 5
      • Then in a northerly direction to the Cache Creek limit and Highway 1
      • Straight back north to the edge of Clearwater
      • Note: the towns of Cache Creek, Clearwater, Sorrento, Falkland and Merritt are considered out of area. The boundaries of the KRFM extend to the town limits.
    3. There are four types of vendors who can apply to vend at
      the KRFMS’ Markets:

      1. Agricultural – vendors who themselves primarily
        grow, harvest, or raise vegetables, fruit, flowers, herbs,
        meat, fish, or whole eggs for sale as a business
        There are two kinds of products an agricultural vendor
        can produce in this category:

        1. An agriculture product is wholly produced by
          the vendor’ farm.
        2. A farm product contains ingredients from the
          farm and elsewhere.

        Backyard Grower – a gardener of fruit, vegetables,flowers, or herbs located within the KRFMS’ Boundaries, who grows primarily for their own use.
        Craft / Home-based business – vends products or services produced by themselves within the KRFMS’ Boundaries.
        Prepared Food – is a vendor whose primary product(s) are food items other than fresh, whole fruits and vegetables, uncooked meats and fish, whole eggs, etc.

      2. Where a vendor sells products from more than one
        vendor category, the primary vendor classification is
        determined by the following:
        At least 80% of the total products being sold are
        from that vendor category; products of less than
        80% will be considered to be of a secondary
        vendor category.
    4. There are two types of non-vendors who can apply to
      have a presence at the KRFMS’ Markets:

      • Community Group – a not-for-profit group who is active within KRFMS’ boundaries will be required to make a donation which will go to the Food Bank. All groups other than not-for-profit (eg crown corporations, municipalities, etc) will be subject to a non-agricultural daily fee payable to the KRFMS.
      • Buskers – a person or group who performs any of the
        live arts (music, theatre etc.)
    5. The only prepared foods allowed at the Market are those
      approved by the board. Vendors of prepared foods must
      produce a copy of a valid health permit at the request of
      the Market manager and/or the Market Board of
      All prepared food vendors must familiarize themselves
      with the Guideline for the Sale of Foods at Temporary
      Food Markets. Vendors applying to sell low risk items
      must indicate this on their KRFMS application. Vendors
      of prepared food items which could be considered either
      high or low risk (ie salsa), must ensure their product is
      safe and do any necessary testing to prove such.
    6. Since the Market is a farmers’ market, non-agricultural vendors are only permitted at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
      A non-agricultural vendor is any vendor whose category is any other than Agricultural. Approved Saturday Market non-agricultural vendors are assigned to the Stuart Wood Schoolyard, although they may be assigned a St. Paul Street Market space under the
      direction of the Market Manager if there is sufficient space, as decided by the Market Manager.

      1. Schoolyard spaces are approximately 10 by 10 feet.
      2. Approved Wednesday non-agricultural vendors will be assigned spaces along Victoria Street or the adjacent parking lot at the manager’s discretion.
    7. For both Wednesday and Saturday, when market space
      is limited, there is a bumping hierarchy. For Seasonal
      Vendors it is based on the date of a vendor’s application
      AND full payment of fees is received (earlier dates get
      priority within each level of the hierarchy). For Daily
      Vendors the application date received is used.
      The bumping hierarchy is as follows (last on the list is
      bumped first):

      1. Seasonal Agricultural vendors
      2. Daily Agricultural vendors
      3. Backyard Growers
      4. Seasonal Prepared Food vendors
      5. Seasonal Craft / HBB vendors
      6. Daily Prepared Food vendors
      7. Daily Craft / HBB Vendors
      8. Community groups (based on # of dates attended).
  2. The rental of a stall space falls under the jurisdiction of the KRMFS. The Society may limit or control activities at the Market, including vending, entertainment, and promotions.
    1. Each year, vendors must complete an application form and submit it to the Board of Directors for consideration. A contract must also be completed, signed and submitted to the KRFMS.
    2. Applications must be approved by the Board of Directors before a vendor is allowed to sell at the Market. If vendors arrive at Market without prior
      approval, they must fill out an application and submit it to the manager. If the manager and two board members agree that the product is appropriate and the space is
      available, the vendor may be allowed to sell at the Market that day but will be charged twice the daily fee. The full Board of Directors will deal with all
      applications as soon as possible, but no vendor will be allowed more than one day at Market before obtaining full Board approval.
    3. Seasonal vendor fees need to be submitted with the vendor’s application. Fees for daily vendors will be paid to the Market manager before or during individual markets, as determined by the Market manager.
      Daily fees can NOT be accumulated towards the seasonal fee.
    4. Vendors can make arrangements with neighbours to accommodate vehicles or produce when in attendance, but the managers and board must be notified of ongoing arrangements.
    5. If a vendor is not in attendance at the market, the spot is then subject to the manager’s discretion – same-day arrangements are permitted, but a vendor forfeits jurisdiction of their spot if they are absent.
  3. All vendors must comply with local, provincial, and federal
    fire, health, and safety regulations.

    1. Scales must be accurate. They should be certified legal for trade and are the responsibility of the vendor.
    2. Vendors are responsible for the accuracy of all verbal and written messages in their stalls. (For example, vendors must not claim that apples are “tree-ripened” unless this is true. If a sign says “no pesticides,” this must be the case.)
  4. Supply and securing of canopies, umbrellas, coolers, tables, and chairs etc. is the responsibility of individual vendors. Liability for any damage or injury caused by insecure fixtures is not covered by the Farmers’ Market insurance policy.
    Vendor insurance is available through the BC Assn. of Farmers’ Markets Affiliate member program.
  5. Vendors must prominently display an appropriate sign, at least two square feet (2 sq. ft) in area. Signs must show, at the very least, the vendor’s name (or business name) and location of his or her operation.
    Failure to display a sign with the appropriate information will result in a $5 fine for every market day the sign is not displayed.
  6. Vendors are responsible for cleaning their sites at the end of each Market day.
  7. It is the responsibility of each vendor to coordinate with the market manger about their attendance at market.
    1. Vendors who hold a full-season space to notify the Market manager, at least 24 hours in advance of their first market day. Failure to do so may result in the vendor arriving to find someone else already placed in their assigned space. If the space is not being used for all season market dates, vendors must notify the manager of the anticipated market season attendance.
    2. All vendors must contact the market manager by phone or email by 6:30 AM the day before the market of any changes in attendance, or they will be issued one demerit point. Three demerit points will result in the vendor being moved to the bottom of the hierarchy list.
    1. For safety reasons, only emergency vehicles can be driven in the Market space during Market hours. No movement of vehicles is permitted in the Saturday Market area between 7:30 AM and 12:30 PM and then only at the discretion of the manager. Vendors arriving at market after 7:30 AM will be required to walk in their produce / products and supplies to their assigned space.
    2. At the Saturday Market, all parts of vendor stalls must be at least 3 meters (about 10 feet) from the centre-line of the street to permit passage of emergency vehicles.
    3. Vendors who have not left the Saturday Market by 1:00 P.M. must be parallel-parked and must have all of their produce and marketing apparatus removed from the driving area of the street.
    4. Vehicles over 20 feet in length must be parked off the street during Saturday Market hours.
    5. Maximum speed, when vehicles are permitted to move in the Saturday Market space, is 8 km/h
    6. Saturday vendors assigned to spaces on St. Paul Street are required to use ramp blocks when moving their vehicle on or off the sidewalk. As well, to protect the sidewalk cardboard must be placed under the engine area if it is parked over the sidewalk.
    7. Set up time is 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM. On Saturday all stalls must be removed by 1:00 PM; On Wednesday by 3 PM. Vendors who have not arrived by 7:45 AM on the market day may find that their space reassigned to a waitlisted vendor. Funds will not be reimbursed for the
      loss of space or opportunity to vend.
    8. Stuart Wood Schoolyard vendors on Saturday: Driving on grassed / gravelled areas of the schoolyard is strictly prohibited.
      1. If vendors want to unload items from a vehicle, they must arrive early; quickly unload the items onto the sidewalk, then remove their vehicle from the Market space BEFORE setting up their stall.
      2. No vehicles are permitted past the yellow gates between 7:30 AM and 12:30 PM.
      3. During Market hours, parking is allowed in the school parking lot. Parking is NOT allowed on the school grounds.
    9. No Wednesday vendors are permitted to park on downtown streets during the market hours, save for the area on Victoria street adjacent to the TNRD building, which is at the discrection of the Wednesday Manager. Only parking in a paid parking lot or a parkade is permitted.
      Wednesday vendors parked at on Victoria Street will pay $4.00 per day to the Wednesday Manager. Those vendors having to pay for parking will be reimbursed $4.00 upon proof of payment. Any surplus at the end of the year will be used to the benefit of the Wednesday Market.
      There will be no collecting or reimbursement of parking fees for special event days.
      Reimbursement to vendors for parking will happen on the following market day upon presentation of the previous market’s parking stub. Reimbursement will not happen at any other time or market. Community groups are not reimbursed for parking.
    10. For Wednesday Market, a minimum of a 1.5 metres safe pedestrian access way must be clear at all times on the sidewalk. NO items can be placed along the TNRD building side
      of the sidewalk.
  9. Hours of sale are Saturday 8AM to 12:00PM and Wednesday 8AM to 2PM. For Saturday, transactions must be completed as quickly as possible after the closing bell.
  10. Agricultural, Backyard Growers, and Prepared Food vendors are expected to contribute to weekly food baskets for Market volunteers.
  11. Vendors are not permitted to bring or keep their dog(s) in the market area.
  12. endors are not permitted to smoke in the market area.
  13. Vendor booths must be staffed at all times.
  14. Helium Balloons are NOT permitted.
  15. In case of emergency notify the authorities and then immediately inform the manager about the situation.
  16. The KRFMS Board of Directors and its market managers have the right to evict and/or bar any vendor, temporarily or permanently, who fails to comply with Market regulations,
    and / or who does not respectfully respond to the managers’ directions.
  17. There will be no repayment of seasonal fees except underextraordinary circumstances.
  18. The Society reserves the right to amend the market rules as needed.
  19. All complaints must be sent, in writing, to the Kamloops Farmers’ Market Society Board of Directors. Our mailing address is PO Box 1282, Kamloops BC, V2C 6H3 or by e-mail to moc.tekramsremrafspoolmaknull@srotcerid
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