Applications are closed

2017 Applications Are Closed

Hello potential future vendor! Before you read any further, please answer this question: Do you make, bake or grow your own product?

Did you answer yes?  If so please continue with the application process.

If you answered “no”, we’ll have to stop you there. As a member of the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets, we only accept vendors who make, bake, grow or raise their own product.

Applications for the 2018 OUTDOOR Markets will open in February.

If you are interested in selling fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat, fish, crafts or prepared food that you have grown, raised, caught made or baked yourself please review the 2017 Market Regulations to ensure that the market is an appropriate fit for your business. We also have a map of our area boundaries (below), which can be referenced in conjunction with the boundaries on the market regulations.

Map of KRFM area boundaries

KRFM Boundaries

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Boundary Description:

  1. From Clearwater to the intersection of Notch Hill Road and Highway 1 in Sorrento.
  2. The boundary then goes south to the edge of Falkland’s western limit on Highway 97.
  3. Then from Falkland to the Merritt town sign on Highway 5.
  4. Then in a northerly direction to the Cache Creek limit and Highway 1.
  5. Straight back north to the edge of Clearwater.

** Note: the towns of Cache Creek, Clearwater, Sorrento, Falkland and Merritt are considered out-of-area. The boundaries of the KRFM extend to the town limits.

The current boundaries were established in 1998, based on the boundaries of other community markets. The rules and regulations were clarified so that any farms who had originally assisted with the market viability since its inception were allowed to stay as special permission vendors as long as the business stayed the same. Boundaries were reviewed again in 2011, and the stipulation was made to two remaining special permission vendors that this permission was not transferred to any person or business. If there are any changes to the owners or business, the special permission will be rescinded.

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